Thales Market Referral Link

Thales is a decentralised Ethereum protocol that enables users to participate in peer-to-peer Markets on the Optimism and Polygon networks. It has ThalesDAO as its owner and conducts governance by the Thales Council, as well as offering community-based games, such as Thales Royale, and more advanced trading products, such as Ranged Markets.

THALES is the governance token and can also be purchased on the Uniswap exchange and the Optimism Network.

What is the Thales Market referral link in 2023?

The Thales Market Referral Program allows you to invite your friends to register via a referral link and receive rewards for doing so.

With this Thales Market referral link you secure discounts on transaction fees on the platform and can earn up to 50% commission through the referral program in 2023.

thales market homepage after clicking the referral link

After clicking the guest link, you can connect your wallet and your account will automatically get discounts on trading fees.

What is the maximum possible discount to be earned on Thales Market in 2023?

When a guest uses your referral link to start trading on Thales, you will receive a percentage of every trade made by him/her, paid in sUSD instantly and directly to your wallet.

Each new user who uses your link to register at Thales will be linked to your wallet address, which means that your wallet used to generate the referral link will receive 1% of the total trading volume that the referred user performs on the Thales market.

You will be able to track the performance of your referral links by seeing the total number of trades your referral addresses have performed, the total volume they conducted and the amount of sUSD you have earned so far because of this.

You can check out this and other information by reading the official Thales referral program page.

How to earn money by recommending friends to Thales Market

Thales referral program is not only for you to earn discount on transaction fees, but also for you to be rewarded for referring friends to Thales.

When you post the referral link, you earn the equivalent of 50% of the trading fee (1% of the total volume) of each trade your guest executes on the platform.

To generate a referral link, go to this page, click on the “Generate link” button, connect a wallet and then generate your link. Now share it with your friends and contacts.

*The Thales Referral Program is supported exclusively on the Optimism and Arbitrum networks.


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