Different types of tags

  • Simple tags: [tag]something[/tag]
  • Simple parameterized tags: [tag=value]something[/tag]
  • Complex parameterized tags: [tag value1="xxx" value2="yyy"]something[/tag]
  • Shorthand tags ie. [img=WIDTHxHEIGHT]URL[img]

In this section, a reference table for all of the more popular bbcode tags, is provided. Some are considered to be standard and should be supported in just about any bbcode implementation. Other are less likely to be supported, but nonetheless popular (hence the reason they've been included here).

Tags reference table

Name Syntax Purpose Example
Bold [b]{text}[/b] Makes {text} bold Bold example
Italic [i]{text}[/i] Makes {text} italic Italic example
Underline [u]{text}[/u] Underlines {text} Underline example
Strikethrough [s]{text}[/s] Create a strikethrough on {text} Strikethrough example
Font-size [size={number}]{text}[/size]
[style size={number}]{text}[/style]
Changes the font-size of {text} Font-size example
Font color [color={color}]{text}[/color]
[style color={color or hex}]{text}[/style]
Changes the color of {text} Font color example
Center text [center]{text}[/center] Centers {text} on screen Center text example
Left align text [left]{text}[/left] Left aligns {text} on screen Left align text example
Right align text [right]{text}[/right] Right aligns {text} on screen Right align text example
Quote [quote]{text}[/quote] Creates a quotation box containing {text} Quote example
Quote (named) [quote={name}]{text}[/quote] Creates a quotation box quoting {name} as saying {text} Quote (named) example
Spoiler [spoiler]{text}[/spoiler] Creates a spoiler section (a box) that is by default collapsed until you click a button or the box itself to expand it to show the {text} Spoiler example
Spoiler (named) [spoiler={name}]{text}[/spoiler] Creates a spoiler section like the tag without the name, the difference here being that the indicated name is shown which can be used to headline spoiler. Spoiler (named) example
Link [url]{url}[/url] Makes a link to {url} Link example
Link (named) [url={url}]{text}[/url] Makes a named link to {url} Link (named) example
Image [img]{url}[/img] Shows the image indicated by {url} Image example
Image (resized) Full version: [img width={width} height={height} ...]{url}[/img]
Another variant (shorthand): [img={width}x{height}]{url}[/img]
Shows {url} image resized to {width} and {height} Image (resized) example
List Unordered list: [ul]{items}[/ul]
Ordered list: [ol]{items}[/ol]
Another variant: [list]{items}[/list]
Displays a list of {items} List example
List item [li]{text}[/li]
Shorthand: [*]{text}\newline
Specifies an {item} within a list List item example
Code [code]{text}[/code] Meant for rendering code snippets Code example
Code (language specific) [code={language}]{text}[/code] Like the regular [code] tag it is used to render a snippet of code, but with this variant is possible to indicate which language is used so it can do proper synatx highlighting. N/A
Preformatted [pre]{text}[/pre] Renders the {text} while maintaing all white spacing Preformatted example
Tables [table]{rows}[/table] Show a table with {rows} in it Tables example
Table rows [tr]{cells}[/tr] Renders a table row containing {cells} Table rows example
Table content cells Heading cell: [th]{content}[/th]
Content cell: [td]{content}[/td]
Shows {content} in a table (heading) cell Table content cells example
Youtube videos [youtube]{id}[/youtube] Shows the youtube video indicated by {id} Youtube videos example

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BBCode examples

Go to the examples section to find many examples of how you can use these tags.