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Plasma Finance is a cross-chain DeFi aggregator that allows users to easily manage their portfolios from a single, straightforward interface, providing one interface to invest, store and manage any DeFi token.

The dashboard brings together the most popular DeFi protocols in one place, and can be unlocked using any 3.0 wallet. PPAY is the native token of the Plasma Finance ecosystem, and can be used to settle transaction fees, grant governance rights and also as a commission and reward token in PPAY and PlasmaSwap pools.

What is the Plasma Finance referral link in 2023?

The Plasma Finance referral program allows you to invite your friends to register through a referral link and receive rewards for doing so.

With this Plasma Finance referral link 2023 you secure discounts on HyperDEx Swap rates on the platform and can earn rewards from each swap for transactions up to 4 levels through the referral program.

After clicking on the invitation link you will see this screen below. Please note that in the menu to the left there is an option to connect wallet. Your account will automatically get discounts on transaction fees:

plasma finance dashboard after clicking on referral link

What is the maximum discount obtainable on Plasma Finance in 2023?

Plasma Finance’s rewards system is set up in four referral tiers:

Tier 1: 0.04% reward

Tier 2: 0.03% reward

Tier 3: 0.02% reward

Tier 4: 0.01% reward

Percentages are cumulative on your wallet, i.e. you refer 1 friend and earn 0.04% of his/her transactions. This friend refers another, then you earn 0.03% of the transactions of this friend of your friend, and so on, up to level 4.

How to earn money recommending friends to Plasma Finance

Earn rewards in your wallet from each transaction of your referrals, for transactions on the blockchains: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom.

There are 4 levels of rewards, allowing you to earn in addition to the transaction of the first referred user, up to 3 extra users referred by you. The rewards will be distributed in the token used by your guests to complete the transaction.

To generate a referral link, go to this page and click on the “Connect Wallet go Get your referral link” button. Now share the link with your friends and contacts.

You can check this information in the article about Plasma Finance referral program.

Can a referrer refer himself?

Yes. In this case, the referrer would earn 100% of the referral rewards.

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