dYdX Referral Link in 2023

dYdX Trading Inc. is a decentralized exchange (DEX) focused on cryptocurrency derivatives, running on audited smart contracts on the Ethereum Network. Its native token is dYDX, a governance token that allows voting on proposals and offers rewards to traders based on volume traded on the platform.

Currently, dydx is one of the exchanges with the highest traded volume in the perpetual futures contract market.

What is the dYdX referral link in 2023?

GMX, like other exchanges, has a refer-a-friend rewards program.

The dYdX Affiliate Program allows you to invite your friends to register via a referral link and receive rewards for doing so.

By using this dYdX referral link in 2023 you get a 5% discount on all transaction fees on the platform and can earn up to 40% commission through the affiliate program. This link works as an invitation for new users.

After clicking on the invitation link, you will see this page, showing that your account is eligible for the discount:

dydx referral link invite

Now just complete the registration by connecting your wallet.

What is the maximum possible discount on dYdX in 2023?

Those who use affiliate links to refer new users to the dYdX exchange will receive ongoing payments based on the trading fees generated, while guest traders will receive a 5% discount on the trading fees.

The commission percentage to be received will be calculated based on the affiliate’s dYDX stake balance. To get higher percentages of guest trading fees, keep DYDX stake in your account.

Check the details in the table below:

DYDX Staked Commission
Up to 24,99 20%
25 – 99,99 22%
100 – 249,99 24%
250 – 499,99 26%
500 – 4.999,99 28%
5.000 – 49.999,99 30%
50.000 – 499.999,99 35%
Above de 500.000 40%


All rewards are made available through the dYdX Foundation, and paid in USD Coin ($USDC) to the affiliate’s dYdX account on the dYdX protocol.

You can check out this and other information by reading the official dYdX affiliate program page.

How to earn money by recommending friends to dYdX?

The dYdX affiliate program is not only for you to earn discount on transaction fees but also for you to be rewarded for referring friends to dYdX.

To generate a referral link you will need to connect a wallet. Then, share the generated link with your friends and contacts.

If I have already connected my wallet to dYdX, can I still be invited?

No. The invitation link is only for new users. If you want to take advantage of the special discount, you will have to disconnect your current wallet from the site, click on the invitation link and connect another wallet.

Is it true that dYdX will migrate to Cosmos?

Yes, the exchange has already announced that its next version (v4) will be developed in the Cosmos Network ecosystem, for technical and scalability reasons. This decision was criticized by some Ethereum enthusiasts and welcomed by Cosmos enthusiasts.

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