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Across Protocol is an inter-chain bridging solution that supports fast, secure and cost-effective transfers. Assets are interconnected and available for use on the main network and L2s almost instantly (networks such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Boba and other L1 and L2 networks). The token for the protocol is ACX.

What is the Across referral link in 2023?

The Across Referral Program allows you to invite your friends to register through a referral link and receive rewards for doing so.

With this Across referral link you guarantee discounts on transaction fees on the platform and can earn up to 80% commission through the referral program, depending on your level.

The referral link points to the reference Ethereum address. This is the link:

After clicking on the invitation link in 2023, you will see this page to connect your wallet:

connect wallet on across after clicking on the referral link

Your account will automatically have lower fees due to the fact that you have come through an invitation.

What is the maximum discount possible to get on Across?

Across referral rewards are proportional to the bridge fees for the amount transferred, and are paid in ACX. Each referrer has a referral level, based on their referral volume history and/or number of referred exclusive wallets*.

*For example, 20 transfers with the same sender wallet only count as 1 unique referral transfer.

See tier details below:

Copper: 40% referral fee. Every referrer starts here. To upgrade to Bronze level, you will need to make 3 unique referral transfers or have more than $50k in bridge volume.

Bronze: 50% referral fee. To upgrade to silver level, you will need to conduct 5 unique referral transfers or have more than $100k in bridge volume.

Silver: 60% referral fee. In order to upgrade to Gold level you will need to perform 10 unique referral transfers or have more than $250k bridge volume.

Gold: 70% referral fee. In order to upgrade to the platinum level you will need to perform 20 unique referral transfers or have more than $500k bridge volume.

Platinum: 80% referral fee.

You can check out this and other information by reading the official Across referral program page.

How to earn money by recommending friends to Across

When a guest completes bridge transfers through your referral link, you will both earn rewards, being split 75% for you and 25% for your guest.

Let’s understand it better through an example: Suppose you are at the platinum level, and a friend of yours performs a 10 ETH bridge transfer with your referral link. This transfer generates a fee of 0.10%, and since you are in the tier that rewards 80% of this fee, you would earn 0.008 ETH reward (10*0.0010*0.80). If ETHUSD is $1000 and ACXUSD is $0.10, your reward would be 80 ACX (0.008*1000 /0.10). And since the reward is split between you and your guest, being 75%/25% respectively, then in this example, you would earn 120 ACX (160*0.75) and your guest 40 ACX (160*0.25).

To generate a referral link, go to this page, connect your wallet and copy the URL under “My referral link”. Now just share it with your friends and contacts.

Can a referrer refer himself?

Yes. In this case, the referrer would earn 100% of the referral rewards.

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