Defi Waterfall Referral Link

Waterfall is a stable and smart DeFi token running on Fantom Network that helps investors protect their funds by assisting in generating stable passive income through betting.

What is the Waterfall referral link in 2023?

The Waterfall Referral Program allows you to invite your friends to register through a referral link and receive rewards.

With this Waterfall referral link in 2023 you get discounts on platform fees and can earn 1 to 2% commission through the referral program. Take a look at the official platform page below after clicking on the invitation link. In the top right menu you can click “Connect” to connect your Metamask wallet. Discounts on transaction fees will be automatically applied:

waterfall defi referral invitation page

How to earn money by recommending friends to Waterfall

When a guest of yours performs transactions through your referral link, you will earn 1 to 2% of their earnings, with no expiration date.

To generate a referral link in 2023, go to this page and connect your wallet. Now share the link with your friends and contacts.

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