StarCrazy Invitation Code: 5KHN3W

What is StarCrazy?

Starcrazy is a play-to-earn game that allows players to monetize their gameplay – more specifically to earn NFTs and tokens on the IoTeX blockchain. NFTs are character cards called Starz. These cards are the main core of the game with which you can do several different things, including buying, selling and trading via free market or auction bidding. GFS is the governance token that will be used in the StarCrazy game and to earn GFT (Game Fantasy Token).

What code can I use in the “My Gift” field in Star Crazy?

StarCrazy has enabled the Invite function, which allows you to invite friends to play. To earn bonuses by registering in 2023, click on the Settings icon and click on “Invite“. Then click on the “My Gift” tab and enter the invitation code 5KHN3W.

starcrazy my gift

If you want to invite your friends, go to the “Invite to Earn” tab and copy your invitation code to share it with your contacts.

star crazy invitation code

How to play StarCrazy in 2023?

To play StarCrazy a few steps are required:

1. Install the ioPay app on your phone

Google Play (Android):

App Store (iPhone):

ioPay wallet app


Once the app is installed, accept the terms of use:

ioPay terms of use

And create or connect a wallet. Set a name for it and create a password, confirming it afterwards.

creating a password

Then you will receive a private key. Write this key on a piece of paper for safekeeping. Then copy and paste the key into the box below it and select the IoTeX network.

using the wallet

After, click Discover > StarCrazy and connect your wallet by clicking Confirm.

finding the StarCrazy app

Enter the password or do the biometric verification.

bio auth on StarCrazy

2. Buy iotex and transfer it to your wallet on ioPay (via a cryptocurrency exchange)

3. Exchange iotex for GFT

With your iotex in the ioPay wallet, click Discover > Mimo. On the Swap tab select IOTX to GFT and connect your wallet by confirming with your password or biometrics. Finalize the exchange.

swaping IOTX to GFT on MIMO

With your GFTs “in hand”, in the ioPay app, click Discover > StarCrazy.

You can spend TFF by buying starz in the Free Market or Official Auction.

You can choose a starz by checking its attributes: price, quality and mining power. Each starz has eight body parts, with a corresponding rarity for each part. The rarities range from N for Normal, to UR for Ultra Rare (N – Normal, R – Rare, SR – Super Rare, SSR – Super Super Rare, UR – Ultra Rare).

Rarity not only impacts the overall rarity of the card, but also your DigP (Digging Power), which means your mining power.

If you get rare cards, the return you get from selling them can be 3, 4 or even 5 times your initial investment.

There is the possibility to merge two starz to get a higher mining power. But there is the risk of this merger to become a weaker starz. To decrease the risk, it is recommended to find cards with similar characteristics and rarities.

The starz in Official Auction are randomly generated cards with normal rarity that occasionally have one or two features at a higher rarity. The highest rarity is super rare for a single characteristic. To buy starz in this method, enter a value higher than the current value and wait until the blocks finish (about 5 seconds each block) to see if another player will enter a value higher than yours. If not, the starz will be yours.

How to mine GFT through StarCrazy

To mine GFS, the first thing to do is to add liquidity to the IoteX GFT pool to receive tokens from this pool.

In the ioPay app, click Discover> Mimo. On the Liquidity tab, click the “Add Liquidity” button and select IOTX + GFT. Finalise the process.

adding liquidity to MIMO Swap

Then, open StarCrazy and go to StarMine. Click on LPMining and fill in with the amount of LP tokens you want to bet.

The mining pool holds 2,000 GFTs per day, which is divided among all mining players. This means that the higher the mining power of your starz, the higher the portion of GFT you will get.

How much money is required to play StarCrazy?

It is recommended for new players to start with smaller amounts, something around $10, and analyze if it is worth increasing the capital.

The initial investment can be between US$3, US$5 or US$10. Example: with around US$10 you can buy around 71 GFTs in the price of GFT is $0.14.

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