About me

Who am I?

Engineer, data scientist and programmer. I have created many websites and have always had a passion for new technologies.
I found it interesting to maintain the portal because it brings useful information to the web2.0 community that is used to browsing forums and communicating with online discussion boards.

But the world is evolving. Besides text formatting that facilitates online communication in forums allowing users to communicate without having to master any programming language, currently the subject of the moment is web3.0, which represents the era of decentralization.

As a technology and science enthusiast, I decided to embrace this cause and inform the community about issues related not only to cryptocurrencies, but also projects and developments that add value to everyone.

For example, after 5 years using the most diverse exchanges, I decided to gather the best ways to register with codes. This experience will help a lot of beginners who don’t know how to start using these platforms.

Also, I try to publish useful information in the academic world, which ended up making the portal gain a much wider scope than initially planned.

If you also appreciate multi-disciplinarity, you may be familiar with these words. In short, this is me, and this is what this project is all about.