PERP Referral Code in 2023: referral

Perpetual Protocol (PERP) is an open source software project with the purpose of creating powerful financial tools accessible to everyone. Its flagship product is a Perpetual Futures DEX that runs on the blockchain.

It was founded in 2019 in Taiwan City under the name “Strike”, but underwent a change the following year due to the project’s focus shifting to perpetual futures. The current team includes members from around the world, including a thriving community that makes up the organization that guides the long-term direction of the project – the Perpetual DAO.

Perpetual Protocol allows its users to conduct long or short trades with up to 10x leverage on a multitude of crypto-actives. Being multichain, it operates on the Ethereum and Solana networks. Its native cryptocurrency is PERP, used for skating and governance.

What is the PERP reference code?

Perpetual Protocol has a refer-a-friend referral program.

Using the PERP referral code “referral” in 2023 you are guaranteed 20% off all transaction fees on PERP, and can earn up to 55% off through the referral program, according to your level. This reference code is also know as PERP Protocol referral code. Just type referral and click on Submit.

perp protocol referral code

If you can’t find the place to enter the code, connect your wallet directly to this address:

What is the maximum possible discount on PERP in 2023?

The Perpetual Protocol referral program is open to everyone, but it has a tier system, and for each tier there is a percentage discount for traders. This percentage is calculated based on your sPERP (amount of PERP stake in your wallet).

See the table below for details of the levels:

Level sPERP Discount
Level 1 0 20%
Level 2 1,000 30%
Level 3 (Vip 1) 2,000 40%
Level 4 (Vip 2) 10,000 55%


VIP levels are reserved for users with many followers or other social influence.

It is possible to upgrade by fulfilling certain requirements. You can check this and other information by reading the official PERP referral program page.

How to earn money by recommending friends to the PERP

The PERP referral program is not only for you to get discounted transaction fees, but also for you to be rewarded for referring friends to PERP.

To create a referral code on PERP, you must first add Optimism Network to one of the supported wallets (MetaMask, WalletConnet, Coinbase Wallet or Torus). If you have difficulty performing this process, click here.

Then click here to connect the wallet to which you added Optimism Network. Log in and click on “I am a referrer”.

Then choose a name for your referral code and click “Create”.

Now share your code with your friends and contacts.

Are there Long and Short Referral Codes?

When you join the PERP exchange, using the same referral code guarantees you discounts for any trade, short or long. So there is no need to use different codes, just enter the referral code as indicated in this article to enjoy lower fees.

I already use the PERP and would like to get these discounts. What do I do?

For those who already have a PERP account, the best alternative to get discounts on trading fees is to disconnect your wallet, open a new browser window and connect another wallet (creating a new account) and enter the referral code. Now use this new account as it will have the discounts enabled.

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