Biswap Referral Link

Biswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to swap BEP-20 tokens on the BNB Chain Network. In addition to low trading fees, Biswap offers a variety of products and services, and also a referral program. The platform’s utility token is BSW.

What is the Biswap referral link in 2023?

Biswap’s Multi-Type Referral Program allows you to invite your friends to register via a referral link and receive rewards for doing so.

With this Biswap referral link you secure discounts on transaction fees on the platform and can earn up to 20% commission through the referral program.

After clicking on the invitation link in 2023, complete your registration by connecting your wallet, as indicated in the image below:

biswap referral invite - connect wallet

What is the maximum discount possible to earn on Biswap?

Biswap referral program rewards will always be in the form of BSW tokens, and can be received from Swaps, Farms and Launchpools.

Swaps: users will receive a specific commission every time their guests make trades on the platform, being calculated based on the trading fee paid by their guest and not based on the trading volume.

The percentage of commission to be received will be according to your level (amount of BSW stakes in the BSW Holder Pool).

Check the details in the table below:

Level BSW Staked Commission
Level 0 Up to 199 10%
Level 1 200 – 999 12%
Level 2 1.000 – 2.999 14%
Level 3 3.000 – 6.999 16%
Level 4 7.000 – 9.999 18%
Level 5 Above 10.000 20%


Farms and Launchpools: The reward is a return of 5% of your guests’ earnings. For example: A guest of yours registers on the platform with your referral link and earns 5 BSW from “Farms” or “Launchpools”. In this case, you will receive 5% of this amount, which represents 0.25 BSW in your account.

You can check this and other information by reading the official Biswap referral program page.

How to earn money by recommending friends to Biswap

Biswap’s referral program is not only for you to earn discount on transaction fees, but also for you to be rewarded for referring friends to Biswap.

You can also share a portion of your rewards (10%, 25%, 50%) with your guests. For example: you have 8,000 BSW in stake and your referral link has the option of 50% profit sharing. If your guest makes a trade on Swap for 10,000 USDT, we can conclude that a fee of 10 USDT was paid. In this case, your referral reward will be 0.9 USDT (10 USDT x 18% x 50%). If the exchange rate is 1 BSW = 1 USDT, you will receive 0.9 BSW as a referral bonus on your Biswap account.

To generate a referral link, go to this page, connect a wallet and then generate your link. Now share it with your friends and contacts.

Can old users get a discount by clicking on the referral link?

No, discounts on trading fees are granted only to new users. To become eligible you will have to log out of the exchange, click the invitation link and connect a new wallet, creating a new account eligible for the discounts.

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