Mycelium Referral Code: lessfees is a decentralized exchange that operates on the Arbitrum network (a Layer-2 scalability solution for Ethereum). Users can find and trade popular cryptos such as ETH, BTC and LINK, among others. Mycelium allows up to 30x leverage.

The platform’s utility and governance token is MYC and supported wallets include MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet and WalletConnect.

Mycelium has two top-tier financial products: Mycelium Perpetual Swaps and Mycelium Perpetual Pools.

What is the MYCELIUM reference code?

Mycelium has a refer-a-friend referral program.

After you connect your wallet to the exchange, a referral code field will appear:

referral code Mycelium fieldClick on “Enter Code”, then another window will appear:

mycelium referral code invite

This referral code is optional. If you use the Mycelium referral code lessfees you will secure a 5% discount on all transaction fees at Mycelium, plus you can earn up to 20% commission through the referral program. This discount does not expire.

What is the maximum possible discount you can get at Mycelium?

Mycelium’s referral program has a tiered system, and for each tier there is a percentage discount for traders and a percentage commission for referrers.

Level 1: 5% discount for traders and 5% commission for referrers.

Level 2: 10% discount for traders and 10% commission for referrers.

Level 3: 20% discount for traders, 20% commission for referrers.

Any user can be on level 1, but to upgrade to the next levels you need to follow some criteria:

Level 2: at least 10 active users using your referral codes every 15 days, and a combined weekly volume above $5 million.

Tier 3: at least 20 active users using your referral codes every 15 days, and a combined weekly volume over $20 million.

You can check out this and other information by reading Mycelium’s official referral program page.

How to earn money by recommending friends to Mycelium?

With Mycelium’s referral program, referrers earn commissions and referrals earn discounts.

Commissions are on the trading fees generated by users of your code, and discounts are on the trading fees of users of your code.

It is possible to earn up to 20% discount on the platform’s trading fees, according to the volume traded. The higher the volume traded, the bigger the discount.

To create a referral code at Mycelium, go here and click on the “Rebates” tab.

You will need to connect one of the supported wallets (MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet or WalletConnect). Then click the “Enter Referral Code” button and enter the referral code.

Now share your code with your friends and contacts.

How do I know if my code has been activated?

After entering your code and clicking on “submit”, your account will automatically be associated with the discount. This information is stored on the blockchain network, guaranteeing the permanence of the benefit.

What is the Perpetual referral code?

The Mycelium Perpetual referral code is lessfees (the same code you can use for all other services on the exchange). The special 5% discount will be automatically applied to your transactions.

Can existing Mycelium users use the referral code in their account?

Yes. The Mycelium referral code can be used at any time. So to enable your existing account to receive referral discounts, click on the ‘Referral’ tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard and enter the code lessfees. Now you will start enjoying discounts in your trades.

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