How to register Tags on Sendit

In the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency, the Send Project emerges as a comprehensive platform designed to significantly enhance the user experience. With its interconnected components, the Send ecosystem has been meticulously designed to simplify, secure, and streamline the use of cryptocurrency.

Send App: Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Interaction

The upcoming Send App, launching for iOS and Android platforms, is central to this innovative ecosystem. By leveraging Ethereum’s breakthrough in account abstraction, the Send App offers a more straightforward, user-centric cryptocurrency experience.

Account Abstraction in a Nutshell: Ethereum has transformed its account management by converting traditional accounts into adaptable smart contracts. This means benefits like mobile hardware wallets, customizable security protocols, scam transaction prevention, faster batched transactions, the ability to pay fees with ERC-20 tokens, and even gasless transactions facilitated by Dapp developers.

One of the Send App’s defining features is its potential to bridge the divide between conventional payments and cryptocurrency. It ensures that even novices in the crypto realm can access the platform with a simple setup, adjust gas fee options to their liking, and enjoy robust security features.

Send Tags: Simplifying Cryptocurrency Transactions

A significant challenge to cryptocurrency adoption has been the complex wallet addresses that users have to remember and share. These lengthy alphanumeric strings, while secure, can be daunting for the average user.

Enter Send Tags. These unique identifiers, such as “@dan” or “@123”, replace the cumbersome wallet addresses. By associating a Send Tag with your Ethereum wallet, you can effortlessly share your identifier, simplifying transactions and enriching the overall user experience.

How to register Tags

Use this referral link and follow the steps. You will have to register a mobile phone and connect a wallet. The pricing for registering Tags is the following:

Tag Character Length Price in Eth
6+ characters First free, each additional .01
5 characters .01
4 characters .03
1-3 characters .05

Send Token: Enhancing the Send App Ecosystem

Integrated into the Send App, the Send Token serves multiple purposes. Users can use it to pay for transaction fees, avail in-app services, and earn rewards. What makes Send Tokens exceptional is the employment of paymasters, which enable developer-sponsored gasless transactions. This reduces the app’s dependence on Ether and provides a more seamless experience for users.

Send Auth: A New Era in Cryptocurrency Management

Send Auth is a game-changer. Eliminating the need for private keys, this authentication process utilizes onchain OTP (One-Time Password) validation. Serving as a mobile authenticator akin to Google Authenticator, Send Auth is specially designed for onchain OTP, generating advanced 8-digit codes. For users, setting up a wallet or transferring tokens has never been more straightforward—simply scan a QR code with Send Auth, input the OTP, and enjoy a secure verification process.

Diving Deeper into Send App and Account Abstraction

Send App’s unique features include:

ERC4337 Wallet (Send Wallet): Provides multifactor authentication using OTPs and optional passwords. These OTPs are validated on-chain, obviating the need for private keys.

Mobile Authenticator (Send Auth) App: Generates 8-digit OTP codes with unique encryption nuances. It’s meticulously designed for on-chain OTP, simplifying processes like wallet creation and token transfers.

User-Friendly Web UI: A seamless interface to aid wallet creation, incorporating Send Auth for an intuitive setup, and ensuring secure token transfers with OTP authentication.

By integrating advanced technologies like BLS12-381 Precompiles, Timelock Witness Encryption, Drand Network, and Account Abstraction mechanisms, the Send Project paints a promising picture of the future. This isn’t just about making cryptocurrency easier to use—it’s about setting a gold standard for blockchain applications.

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