Kucoin KCS Bonus

KCS Bonus is an incentive mechanism of the Kucoin exchange for KCS token holders and Kucoin ecosystem builders, which allows obtaining daily passive income.

But what is KCS?

KuCoin Token (KCS) is Kucoin’s native ERC-20-type token (running on Ethereum), launched in 2017 as a profit sharing token, also used to reduce trading fees.

Based on the amount of KCS that users hold, KuCoin determines VIP levels, which will receive additional benefits and greater discounts on trading fees.

Holders of this token also get early access to token sales on blockchain projects launched on KuCoin Spotlight. This allows investors to enjoy a higher ROI than those who buy on secondary markets.

Where does this Bonus come from?

The KCS bonus comes from 50% of the platform’s daily trading fees. But the amount of rewards users will get will depend on the number of KCS held and the trading volume on the exchange.

How can I participate in the KCS Bonus Plan?

To get the bonus, users have to hold at least 6 KCS on Kucoin, in addition to linking their account by Google Verification or phone number.

And to be eligible, you can hold the KCS token in the main wallet, trading account or margin account. Please note that you will not receive the daily bonus if you wager your KCS on Kucoin Earn, only on the Kucoin Exchange.

How can I claim my bonus?

You can claim your KCS bonus daily from the app or from the website. In the app, just go to Home > KCS Bonus, and on the website click Asset Overview > My Bonus > KCS Bonus.

After 30 minutes your KCS bonus will be sent to your account upon request and will be distributed to your main Kucoin account.

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