The KuCoin Affiliate Program

Have you ever thought about earning up to 45% of daily trading fees as commission at KuCoin just by referring friends? Yes, it is possible through the platform’s Affiliate Program. See how in this article.

Who can participate?

The criteria for participation in the KuCoin Affiliate Program is to have a community, media or other resources (such as websites, for example) about the crypto world.

Note: For youtubers, digital currency community leaders and content creators, you must have more than 5,000 followers on social networks, or a community with more than 500 members.

If you meet these requirements, register with Kucoin and join the program.

How does the program work?

After your registration is approved and you meet the above criteria, you will have access to an exclusive invitation link for promotion with your community and followers. For each user who registers on the platform and trades with your referral link, you will earn commissions, including Spot, Futures, and Margin trades. Also, if your guest also becomes an affiliate of the program, becoming a sub-affiliate, you will also receive 5% of his referral bonus.

You can also create special links with discount rate levels for your guests, ranging from 0% to 20%. This way you can receive a percentage of the commission while the remaining percentage is distributed to your guests as a discount. This can improve the efficiency of your invitations.

How are comissions calculated?

There are two affiliate levels in the program, which are analyzed and adjusted through quarterly evaluation.

Tier 1: entry level, with direct commissions at 40%.

Level 2: direct commissions at 45% on trades.

To become (and remain) a level 2, the criterion is to refer at least 100 new users every quarter, 20 of which must perform trades. If a level 2 fails to meet this criterion, in the following semester it will be downgraded to level 1.

*In the case of having a sub-affiliate, all trades made by users indicated by him/her will contribute with an additional 5% of commission for you, in addition to the percentage that you already receive from your referrals, depending on their level of affiliation. In other words, if you refer a guest and he refers another one, you are considered the main affiliate and your referral is the sub-affiliate, and he normally receives the percentage of his referral without being discounted from the 5% of your commission on him.

For how long do referrals generate commissions?

Commissions are generated during a period of 12 months by guests, starting from the official date of their registration on the platform.

The commission received will be paid on a weekly basis, and there is no limit to the number of guests an affiliate can refer, as well as to the total amount of commission, which is accumulated with each new guest, during the period mentioned above.

How do I invite people to sign up with my referrals?

You can refer people using a link or referral code. We created an article to explain how the referral code works.

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