Kucoin Fast Trade (Fast Buy)

The Kucoin Fast trade, also called Fast Buy, is a way to buy cryptocurrencies with just one click, using any of more than 70 payment methods.

Kucoin developed this option for people who are new to the crypto market and who also have no experience with investments or the stock market.

Buying on Kucoin Fast trade in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: make your registration at the Kucoin exchange, entering your email or phone number;
  • Step 2: enter your personal information and verify your identity;
  • Step 3: choose your card or payment method and click “buy” to buy cryptocurrencies with one click.

The fast trade option is located at the top left corner of Kucoin’s main menu, after clicking on “Buy Crypto”:

selecting fast trade option on the menu

After clicking on “Fast Trade”, this window will open, where you can enter how many dollars you want to invest and choose which cryptocurrency you want to buy:

buying bitcoin on kucoin fast trade

Note that in this example above I am buying $1,000.00 worth of Bitcoins (BTC) paying with a Visa/Master card. As the Bitcoin price in this example was $19,686.05, my purchase resulted in 0.050797 bitcoins. The math was:

$1,000/($19,686.05/BTC) = 0.050797 BTC

In the new example below, I am buying 1,000.00 Euros worth of Ethereum (ETH):

buying eth on kucoin fast trade

Since the Ethereum price was very close to 1,000.00 Euros per ETH, this resulted in almost 1 ETH.

Which payment methods are accepted on Kucoin Fast Buy?

Any credit, debit or prepaid card issued by Visa and MasterCard are accepted. It is also possible to use Paypal and other intermediary platforms.

What are the limits of Fast Buy?

Each trade needs to be between $5-5,000.00. The transaction fee will appear on the screen before you confirm.

Congratulations, now you know how to use Kucoin’s Fast Trade option!

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