What is KuCoin EARN?

KuCoin Earn is an equity management service platform created by the KuCoin exchange. Through it, users can use various financial products to increase the value of their holdings through staking profits and POL* income – calculated by the system and POL mining energy valuation.

Its products are highly flexible and diversified, with multiple skating options.

*Proof of Liquidity (POL) is a decentralized zero pre-mine token based on the TRON TRC-20 protocol, and issued by KuCoin Earn.

What kind of products does Earn offer?

Kucoin Earn provides both flexible-term and fixed-term products. For the first case, users can redeem their funds at any time. For the second case, funds are automatically redeemed into the user’s account upon maturity.

In terms of yield, fixed-term products are superior to flexible-term products.

How do I purchase the products in KuCoin Earn?

Simply hover your mouse cursor over a coin in KuCoin Earn to display all available products. Then click on the Transfer or Subscribe button on the chosen product and enter the purchase amount. There, you have purchased the product.

Where can I see the products I purchase in KuCoin Earn?

In your financial account, select a product type to view all the corresponding products you purchased. It’s as simple as that.

How do I redeem my funds in KuCoin Earn?

As stated earlier, funds from fixed-term products will be automatically redeemed into the user’s account upon maturity. For flexible term products, such as Flexible Savins and Staking, for example, simply click the Transfer or Redeem button.

Why do my interest payments fluctuate?

Fluctuations in returns are normal and depend on market conditions and changing trends in the cryptocurrency industry.

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