Relevant Kucoin exchange Statistics

Much is said about cryptocurrencies and exchanges, but knowing the data of each exchange is very important, not only to make a good choice of where to trade, but also to have an accurate knowledge about the reality of the sector. The information bellow was extracted from the Annual Report of Kucoin.

We will show you the most relevant statistics:

Number of users

  • Kucoin closed the year 2021 with just over 10 million users. The company estimates indicate that 1 out of every 4 cryptocurrency investors has a Kucoin account.
  • As a record number of new users in a single day, the exchange even reported 400,000 new accounts.

Trading volume

  • Kucoin’s annual traded volume in 2021 was approximately $1 trillion, including spot and futures market.
  • As a record for the highest daily traded volume, the exchange reached the $13 billion mark.
  • Kucoin’s average daily traded volume is about $3 billion.

Number of Employees

  • Kucoin has about 700 employees worldwide.

Market share

  • In the spot market, Kucoin’s market share is 6.79%. In the futures market, the market share is 3.09%.

The figure below shows the evolution of Kucoin’s market share in 2021:

kucoin market share growth - futures and spot trading

Customer service

  • 80% of customer service is done by robots.
  • The average customer response time is 55 seconds.
  • 30,000 customers per year are able to recover lost accounts in assistance at Kucoin.

Tradable Assets

  • Kucoin has 630 tradable assets in about 1100 pairs.

Trading bots created by users

  • More than 6 million trading bots have already been created on Kucoin

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