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How to create a CV in a way that someone with a varied career identify a specialism?


Separate your skills into different categories; financial and budgetary, marketing and customer service, project management, technical and so on. For each skill area, think of one example to illustrate. What programs are you an expert at in web design? What sort of marketing have you been able to do on a restricted budget? And so on. The job description will give you a good indication of what skills and abilities they most want to see.

Making a CV with a sense of diverse experience

For your skills section, go beyond general descriptors, such as “team player” or “detail-oriented”, and list concrete capabilities or experiences to back up the brand you’ve identified. You should also include precise details to demonstrate how you will bring value to the employer.

Overall, thinking beyond job titles and looking back on your career achievements can help you create a powerful CV that tells your professional story and presents you as a strong potential candidate. Follow this logic:

1. Present your CV chronologically, but note key achievements, qualifications and skills in a skills summary at the top of your CV.

2. Write a profile summary or objective that clearly highlights your career direction, interests and experience so that the hiring manager can see you’re a great fit for the role.

3. Incorporate any transferable skills such as communication, problem-solving or teamwork across the different roles you’ve had.

4. If returning to a previous role, explain the gap in your work history and include any additional learning or development you may have done during that time.

5. Don’t be scared to break up sections so that you can clearly explain each job, instead of cluttering your CV with too much detail.

6. Tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for by highlighting relevant roles and experiences from your past.

7. Demonstrate a commitment to learning new things and use positive language to showcase any additional skills or qualifications you gained.

Remember, being able to present your past experiences in an understandable and insightful way is crucial if you have a diverse work history. It’s important to convey that you’re ready to embrace the job role and use your different experiences to your advantage.

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