How to use BBCode on BitcoinTalk forum

BitcoinTalk is the oldest forum about cryptocurrencies on the Internet. It was launched in 2009 by Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto.

It is very simple to use BBCode on BitcoinTalk, just type the acronym of the code in square brackets, like an HTML tag.

Basically, to start the desired formatting you must type the acronym in square brackets, and to end the formatting, type “/” (slash) + formatting acronym. Example: [b]text in bold[/b].

To add color to the formatting, type the formatting abbreviation + “=” (equal sign) + color of your choice. Example: [glow=yellow]highlighted text in yellow[/glow].

For inserting symbols or lines, you do not need to type the closing bracket. Example: [btc]placing bitcoin symbol

WARNING: Do not put space between the brackets and the text to be formatted, otherwise the formatting will not be applied.

See available formatting below:


Bold text

Syntax: [b]bold text[/b]

Result: bold text

Italic text

Syntax: [i]italic text[/i]

Result: italic text

Underlined text

Syntax: [u]underlined text[/u]

Result: underlined text

Strikethrough text

Syntax: [s]strikethrough text[/s]

Result: strikethrough text

Highlighted text

Syntax: [glow=green,2,300]green highlighted text[/glow]

Result: green highlighted text

The three attributes (red, 2, 300) in the “glow” tag are color, intensity, and width, respectively.

Changing text size

Syntax: [size=14pt]changing text size to 14[/size]

Result: changing text size to 14

Changing Text Font

Syntax: [font=Comic Sans]changing text font to Comic Sans[/font]


changing text font to Comic Sans

Changing text color

Syntax: [color=red]changing text color to red[/color] or [color=#FF0000]changing text color to red[/color]

Result: changing text color to red

Right-aligned text

Syntax: [right]right-aligned text[/right]


right-aligned text

Left-aligned text

Syntax: [right]left-aligned text[/right]

Result: left-aligned text

Center-aligned text

Syntax: [center]center-aligned text[/center]


center-aligned text

Superscript text

Syntax: superscript[sup]text[/sup]

Result: superscripttext

Subscript text

Syntax: subscript[sub]text[/sub]

Result: subscripttext

Text in quote format

Syntax: [quote]quote[/quote]



Text in quote format with authorship

Syntax: [quote author=unknown author link=topic 1500.msg1501234#msg1501234 date=1389485086]Quote text[/quote]

Inserting links

Syntax: [url][/url]


Inserting Link Name

Syntax: [url=]BBCode[/url]

Result: BBCode

Inserting Email Address Links

Syntax: [url][/email]


Entering an FTP address

Syntax: [ftp=ftp://][/ftp]

Entering an FTP address name

Syntax: [ftp=]ftp[/ftp]

Entering space to type code

Syntax: [code]inserting code[/code]

Inserting Link Name

Syntax: [url=]BBCode[/url]

Result: BBCode

Text in list format with default bullets (disc)



[li]item one[/li]

[li]item two[/li]


Text in list format with alternative bullets


[list type=square]
[li]item one[/li]
[li]item two[/li]

*You can also use type=circle, none, decimal, lower-roman, upper-roman, katakana, hiragana, armeniam, upper-latin, lower-latin bullets. 

Inserting an image

To insert an image from your computer, upload it at and then copy the address of the image to paste into your code. If you want to insert an image that is already online, just type its address into the code.

Syntax: [img][/img]



Changing Image Size

Syntax: [img width=72 height=72][/img]

Inserting Youtube video

Copy the YouTube video address and paste it into your code.

Syntax: [url=][img][/img][/url]

Inserting a horizontal line

Syntax: [hr]


Inserting bitcoin symbol

Syntax: [btc]

Inserting table




Name Country Age
Paul UK 48
Louisa Germany 24

Inserting smileys


Smiley 🙂

Wink 😉

Cheesy 😀

Grin ;D

Angry >:(

Sad 🙁

Shocked 😮

Cool 8)

Huh ????

Roll eyes ::)

Tongue 😛

Embarrassed :-[

Lips Sealed :-X

Undecided :-\

Kiss :-*

Cry :'(