Colony Family Offices ADV Part 2A

Item 4 – Brochure: Advisory Business (pages 4-6) of Colony’s ADV

Colony is a multi generational family office providing a variety of services to our clients. Below
are the advisory services offered by Colony:
Investment Advisory: Colony provides full-service wealth management services. We provide
strategic investment advice, tailored to each client’s unique goals and objectives. We use a
holistic approach that covers all asset classes, including cash, equities, fixed income, private
equity and real assets. We will also provide services such as portfolio monitoring, implementing
investment strategies and risk management.
Insurance/Risk Management: Colony provides advice and assistance with insurance risk-
management strategies, including the review and selection of and assistance in implementing
appropriate life, disability and long-term care insurance contracts.
Tax Planning and Preparation: Colony assists clients in tax planning and preparation. We
manage client tax compliance and minimize exposure to potential tax liabilities.
Retirement Planning: Colony offers assistance with developing retirement savings plans,
developing retirement income strategies and improving cash flow in retirement. We can also
help clients with Social Security maximization, estate planning and charitable giving.
Estate Planning: Colony offers assistance with estate planning, will preparation, trust
management and other related services.
Other Services: Colony provides other services, such as real estate management, legal
advice, private banking, concierge services, financial coaching and more.


The total cost of services will vary depending on the specific service provided. We typically charge
an hourly rate for services, but will also consider charging asset-based fees and/or flat fee pricing.
We do not typically receive any commissions or compensation from third parties.

For more information about our fees, please see Item 5 of Colony’s ADV Part 2A (Brochure).

Conflicts of Interest

We strive to always provide independent, objective and professional advice to our clients. However,
there are potential conflicts of interest that may arise in the course of providing advisory services.
Some of these potential conflicts include:

  • We may recommend products or services that benefit us more than the client.
  • Clients who purchase certain products or services may receive fewer benefits than
  • We may have a financial incentive to encourage clients to invest in products or services
    in which we may have an interest.
  • We may promote kucoin or other exchanges to increase market diversification

We have procedures in place to manage, reduce or eliminate conflicts of interest. For additional
information, please see Item 10 of Colony’s ADV Part 2A (Brochure).


This document provides an overview of the types of services we provide and how you pay for those
services. For additional information regarding our services, please visit
We are required by the SEC to provide you with the information contained in this document.

To learn more about the SEC’s registration requirements and our qualifications, please visit

If you have any questions about the contents of this brochure, please contact Sarah Brock Rhodes, Chief Compliance Officer at
(704) 285-7300.

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