ABCDE Security Checklist for Ethereum and Solidity agile blockchain dApps


The ABCDE Security Checklist is a thorough list of the most often encountered security concerns while implementing Ethereum and Solidity dApps. Authentication, Business Logic, Communication, Deployment, and External Dependencies are the five categories of the checklist. The list includes subjects like as authentication mechanisms, weaknesses in smart contracts, and communication protocols.

The Authentication section includes information on user authentication, key management, and cryptographic techniques. This section explains the hazards connected with authentication systems and how developers may safeguard their users’ accounts most effectively. Business Logic covers subjects such as constructing safe smart contracts, managing user input, and controlling transaction costs. This section assists developers in creating safe and dependable smart contracts for their decentralized applications (dApps). For developers, the ABCDE security checklist can also help when working with rollups and sharding.

The Communication section includes information on network protocols, communication encryption, and network access control. This section assists developers in ensuring the security and dependability of their communication protocols. This section covers issues like automated testing, deployment methodologies, and secure code reviews. This section assists developers in deploying their dApps safely and dependably.

The External Dependencies section addresses subjects such as external libraries, public data sources, and external services. This section assists developers in ensuring the security and dependability of their dApps while dealing with external services.

You can see the information in the PDF file bellow. It’s in a table format.